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These brand new kids adjustable skates by USD are possibly the best looking junior sized aggressive skates to be released with their black color scheme and “transformer” style design. USD offers this junior skate in the adjustable size ranges of 1-3.5 and 4.5-7 for kids with growing feet and/or cannot yet fit in the adult sized skates. The great thing about these USD kids aggressive skates is that they are designed to perform on the same level as the adult sized skates as they feature Kizer UFS frames, USD 55mm 94a wheels, ABEC 5 bearings, UC 48mm anti rockers, USD junior soul system, USD liners and tightening strap.

These skates are designed to be fully functional aggressive skates that can be used for jumping, grinding and sliding and all of the possible tricks that can be performed.

We recommend that everyone skates with all of the protective gear including a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards to prevent against injuries. The USD junior adjustable skate is designed for all skill levels and can be used by the first time skater all the way up to kids who have already been skating for quite some time.

How USD Kids Transformer skates adjust:

Step 1: Unbolt the two frame bolts that attach the frames to the boot
(Remember that the longer bolt is for the front and the shorter bolt is for the rear)
(Don’t lose the washers!)

Step 2: Use an allen wrench to hold the front T-Nut in place (what the front frame bolt was screwed into) If you don’t hold it in place, it can slightly slide back away from its hole, which would just require you to get it back into its correct placement in order to be able to screw the frame bold back in.

Step 3: Slide the front toe cap to the desired length (It has a max position that you can move forward and max position that you can move back). Then adjust the front insole piece of the liner, which slides in and out of the bottom of the liner. This will require you to undo the buckle, undo the velcro strap and loosen up the laces to be able to reach inside the liner to move this insole piece in and out. This entire step might require some trial and error of putting your foot back into the skate and seeing what position feels the most comfortable for you.
(On a side note, the tongue is attached to the black toe cap and not the liner. The liner can be removed but when you put it back into the skate you need to make sure that you slide the tongue underneath the black fabric piece that crosses across the liner)

Step 4: Bolt the frames back on by starting with the front frame bolt (Make sure the front T-Nut is in place, otherwise you will have nothing to screw into)

Step 5: Put the wheels back into the frames and make sure that the axle bolts are tightened

Step 6: Go out and have fun aggressive skating!

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Skate Sizes

UK1 – UK3, UK3.5 – UK6